Bid History

  • passinthrou $560.00
  • Sburns16 $550.00
  • passinthrou $510.00
  • Chrisamundson $350.00
  • Jonesstephen2452 $310.00
  • AshleyPlace35 $300.00
  • Azslim $290.00
  • AshleyPlace35 $280.00
  • Azslim $260.00
  • AshleyPlace35 $250.00
  • Azslim $210.00
  • AshleyPlace35 $170.00
  • Clss $150.00
  • Sburns16 $140.00
  • Clss $130.00
  • Sburns16 $120.00
  • Clss $110.00
  • mynewaction $100.00
  • Jonesstephen2452 $60.00
  • mynewaction $55.00
  • Jonesstephen2452 $45.00
  • mynewaction $40.00
  • Jonesstephen2452 $10.00

Anytime AJ2 RV29 Apache Junction


Current bid: $560.00

Auto bidding explained
  • Facility: Anytime Storage AJ2
  • Facility Address: 11342 E Apache Trail
  • City, State, Zip: Apache Junction, AZ 85120
  • Phone: 14802882021
  • Email: eapachetr@anytimestorage.com
  • Tag Number: 0000000
  • Start date: January 12, 2022 12:30 pm
  • End date: January 18, 2022 12:30 pm
  • Commission%: 10%
  • Current bid : $560.00
  • Total due incl. Premium and Sales Tax: $616.00
  • Published: January 13, 2022 11:19 am


RV Unit contains Dodge Xplorer, decent shape no major damage, has and engine and drove in but has been sitting for 1 year. Comes with a declaration of sale! So you get a title.

Winning bidder will receive an email after the auction to pay for the buyer's premium. If you do not receive and email within 10 minutes please call Casey at 602-315-9191 in order to pay the premium.

Winning Bidder Rules

Contact facility immediately after payment of premium, to make arrangements to pay for and pick up the unit.  
• Do not park in customer parking; facility manager will let you know where to park.
• You must be 18 years old to bid.
• You must provide a valid photo I.D. to the Site Manager.
• You must bring your own lock to secure the unit.
• You will not be allowed to enter the storage unit or touch any items prior to bidding and final payment.
• Sales are final and bids are for the entire unit.
• The Auctioneer has final say on all issues, including whether to refuse a bid if a bidder has disrupted an auction or violated any rules.
• Cash payment is required within 24 hours of when you purchase a unit.
• Sales tax may apply. If you have a resale license, bring a copy and present before payment.
• You have 72 hours to remove the contents entirely and ‘broom sweep’ the unit.
• A $100 refundable cleaning deposit is also charged on every unit you buy at the manager's discretion.
• You must remove all of the contents and trash from the unit and facility grounds.
• You are not allowed to use the dumpsters on the facility property.
• Please advise the manager once you have completely emptied the unit. The manager will inspect that the unit is clean and then refund your cleaning deposit.
• If you would like to rent the unit after the auction, the manager can assist you.
• Smoking is prohibited on storage facility properties.
• No Pets allowed at facility
• Respect the Property, Managers, Tenants and other Buyers at all times.